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JEOL-8230 electron microprobe database (CU Boulder) | Print date: 02/21/2018 (16:12)


Standard - Blocks

Click on the standard block name to display the block, then click on a standard to get more information...

Albite Amelia (Astimex) Almandine NY (Astimex) Anhydrite (Astimex) Antimony Telluride (Astimex) Apatite Wilberforce (Astimex) Arsenopyrite (Astimex) Barite (Astimex) Benitoite (Astimex) Biotite (Astimex) Bismuth Selenide (Astimex) Boron Nitride (Astimex) Bustamite (Astimex) Calcite (Astimex) Cassiterite (Astimex) Celestine (Astimex) Chalcopyrite (Astimex) Chlorite (Astimex) Cr-Diopside (Astimex) Chromite (Astimex) Cinnabar (Astimex) Crocoite (Astimex) Diopside (Astimex) Dolomite (Astimex) Galena (Astimex) Corundum (Astimex) Hematite (Astimex) Jadeite (Astimex) Kaersutite (Astimex) Magnetite (Astimex) Molybdenite (Astimex) Monazite (Astimex) Obsidian Na-K-Al-Fe (Astimex) Olivine Fo93 (Astimex) Orthoclase (Astimex) Pentlandite (Astimex) Periclase (Astimex) Labradorite (Astimex) Pollucite (Astimex) Pyrite (Astimex) Pyrope (Astimex) Quartz (Astimex) Rhodonite (Astimex) Rubidium Titanium Phosphate (Astimex) Rutile (Astimex) Sphalerite (Astimex) Spodumene (Astimex) Stibnite (Astimex) Zircon (with Hf) (Astimex) Topaz (Astimex) Tugtupite (Astimex) Willemite (Astimex) Yttrium Al-Garnet (Astimex) Zirconia, Cubic (Astimex) Be metal (Astimex) Boron Nitride (MET) (Astimex) C metal (Astimex) Mg metal (Astimex) Al metal (Astimex) Si metal (Astimex) Sc metal (Astimex) Ti metal (Astimex) V metal (Astimex) Cr metal (Astimex) Mn metal (Astimex) Fe metal (Astimex) Co metal (Astimex) Ni metal (Astimex) Cu metal (Astimex) Zn metal (Astimex) Ge metal (Astimex) Gallium Arsenide GaAs (Astimex) Se metal (Astimex) Zr metal (Astimex) Nb metal (Astimex) Mo metal (Astimex) Ru metal (Astimex) Rh metal (Astimex) Pd metal (Astimex) Ag metal (Astimex) Cd metal (Astimex) Indium Phosphide InP (Astimex) Sn metal (Astimex) Sb metal (Astimex) Te metal (Astimex) Hf metal (Astimex) Ta metal (Astimex) W metal (Astimex) Re metal (Astimex) Os metal (Astimex) Ir metal (Astimex) Pt metal (Astimex) Au metal (Astimex) Thallium Bromide Iodide (Astimex) Pb metal (Astimex) Bi metal (Astimex) Th metal (Astimex) U metal (Astimex) F-Apatite (Harlov GFZ) Cl-Apatite (Harlov GFZ) ScPO4 (NMNH 168495) YPO4 (Harlov GFZ) LiNbO3 (Kuehn) LaPO4 (Harlov GFZ) CePO4 (Harlov GFZ) PrPO4 (Harlov GFZ) NdPO4 (Harlov GFZ) SmPO4 (Harlov GFZ) EuPO4 (Harlov GFZ) GdPO4 (Harlov GFZ) TbPO4 (Harlov GFZ) DyPO4 (Harlov GFZ) HoPO4 (Harlov GFZ) ErPO4 (Harlov GFZ) TmPO4 (Harlov GFZ) YbPO4 (Harlov GFZ) LuPO4 (Harlov GFZ) LiTaO3 (Kuehn) Pyromorphite (MJJ) ThO2 (Ian Steele) UO2 (Ian Steele) Burnet (MJJ UMass) Moacyr (MJJ UMass)

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