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JEOL-8230 electron microprobe database (CU Boulder) | Print date: 12/16/2017 (00:00)


warning NEWS December 15th, 2017 *** The new water chiller installation is almost complete, and the chiller is actually running. The probe should re-open around Wednesday December 20th, pending some remaining tests and minor fix..

Export standards for "Probe for EPMA"

Select standard class to export, additional information to include. Then, click "Generate export...".
For name: Source (with name)
For description: Source (with desc.) Min. sub-class Min. class Min. group
Std block Rock type Flag NOT in use Comment(s)
Formula Analysis reference Analysis method Analysis type
For analysis: Remove from total oxygen the oxygen correction for F and Cl
(if unchecked, total will be uncorrected and likely >100%)
NOTE: Data sorted by standard ID; name always included; only best analysis will be included.
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